Expand Raft to Arbitrum

Arbitrum has proven to be the L2 with the greatest innovation and organic growth in the entire ecosystem.

The Ethereum fees are a clear limitation for the average defi user who wants to test the protocol, so Arbitrum would be a great solution, in addition, it could be considered reducing the minimum from 3000 to 1000, with the same purpose of making the protocol more accessible to the average user.

Also, could interop be added using LayerZero or something similar? It’s just an idea, but depositing collateral in Ethereum and receiving R in Arbitrum, or paying my credit from another network could be interesting concepts (they could also give rise to possible vulnerabilities, that’s why I don’t dare to go deeper and just leave the basic idea).


I definitely agree with that! Arbitrum is a must in 2023 if Raft want to scale user base.


Agree Arbitrum should be added

Adding this will be a godsend

Tbh Arbi good L2, can’t disagree with this

I agree with deploying Raft on Layer2 networks, but the question is why Arbitrum? How about Optimism, Base, and even zkEVM networks such as zkSync? The proposal, in my opinion, should clarify why choose one L2 over another? Or maybe deploy on multiple networks since you’re also suggesting omnichain by mentioning LayerZero integration.

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I think Arbitrum would only be a short-term win. Their transaction count has been trending down lately though their TVL is still high.

ZKSync is doing the most L2 transactions and Base is the fastest growing L2 with potentially the largest user base.

Which L2 do you want to spend time and energy learning, developing and maintaining? Would hate to see valuable resources wasted.

Yes, 100% a good idea.

Just need to consider:

  1. Liquidity of $stETH/other derivatives there & also the implementation of $R with native DEXs there to facilitate swaps/ allow users to reap the benefits of low cost/fees. Would recommend TraderJoe first with their liquidity book, maybe Camelot?

  2. Part of the $R stability model is $3000 min borrow (if I’m not mistaken), and this is because of gas fees being an issue in mainnet. This model could be changed for L2s to allow smaller users to mint $R. Bullish.

Overall Arbitrum has great marketing as well and will help with a smooth launch. I’d say if the first two can get solved it’s a good idea.

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I agree, expanding to Arbitrum will bring in more users to Raft

I support the proposal, let’s scale Raft!

I agree with the idea of expanding to layer 2, but would consider Base also:

  • better momentum.
  • uses OP Stack which guarantees interoperability with the whole superchain ecosystem.

That said, I do agree with @Andy that it’s important to consider liquidity of LSDs on layer 2 before shipping. Camelot team is very open to partners so that could be a very good point in favour of Arbitrum.