About the Frontend Operators category

Raft embraces governance-minimized approach ensuring user safety with the key parts of the protocol being immutable.

Decentralization is also embraced by Raft with supporting and encouraging decentralized Frontends to jump aboard. Frontend Operators can establish independent frontends to interact with the underlying contracts in order to enhance the overall unstoppable resiliency of Raft. Alternatively, Frontend Operators can integrate Raft into their own applications, onboarding their users to the Raft ecosystem.

Supporting Frontend Operators through Grants

Frontend Operators can apply for grants as compensation for their contributions to the Raft ecosystem. Interested operators are encouraged to get in touch with the Raft team to discuss the details of the grant application process and learn more about available support.

Immutable Frontends for Decentralization

A truly decentralized ecosystem warrants truly decentralized access to the smart contracts via frontends. Having multiple independent frontends ensures that Raft is resilient to shutdown attempts by centralized parties, thereby maintaining uninterrupted access to the protocol.

Raft encourages all Frontend Operators to deploy their frontends on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). IPFS is an ideal choice for this purpose due to its decentralized nature, allowing for secure and censorship-resistant access to the Raft frontends. By harnessing IPFS, Raft further solidifies its commitment to decentralization and user empowerment.

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